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Aquabulle facilite le portage pendant les activités aquatiques

Aquabulle porte-bébé d’appoint aquatique. Pour profiter des premiers bains en sécurité, ou prendre sa douche avec bébé. Aquabulle est un portage d’appoint aquatique. Sans réglage, le porte-bébé d’appoint Aquabulle permet de soutenir votre enfant d’un seul bras. Il offre un confort absolu grâce à sa matière souple. Porté sur le côté ou devant, la position physiologique de votre bébé est maintenue. Aquabulle sèche très vite ou se transporte dans sa petite pochette pour les plus pressés ! Aquabulle facilite le portage pendant les activités aquatiques. Séances de jeu à la […]

Frog Orange water-friendly baby carriers.

Frog Orange is Australia’s only lightweight, soft-stretch neoprene baby carrier you’ll love to wear for fun, safe and easy hands-free adventures with your little one. Versatile, durable and safety certified. The Explorer baby carrier is designed for adventure-loving families to do more of what they love. Made of 100% high quality neoprene, The Explorer is water-resistant to keep baby safe in water and provides protection from the wind and cold. A fully functional infant carrier that’s perfect for little adventurers […]

Childhome Neoprene Waterproof Baby Carrier

Childhome Neoprene Waterproof Baby Carrier is useful if you want to cool off on a warm summer day with your baby. Thanks to the water-resistant neoprene fabric, the baby carrier is ideal for outside and inside water use. Wear your baby in the shower, at the beach, at the water-park or in the pool. This especially comes in handy for keeping your hands free to play. This lightweight carrier that floats in water has additional floating foam on the inside […]

Waterland baby carrier

Waterland is an innovative carrier that can be used both – in water and on Land. Allows you to enter safely with your baby to the water. For babies 4m-2Y / 13-33 lbs / 6-15 kg Can be worn with baby’s face out or towards you. Surrounds and attaches your baby to you, allowing hands free and available. Waterland is made of Neoprene – the material used for diving & surfing suits. Elastic, breathing, soft & easy drying. Maintains the […]

Juju Roo water baby carrier

When we bought our house three years ago, little did we know that I would be expecting our first child two weeks after we moved in. I spent that first summer pregnant, lazily floating in our neighborhood swimming pool appreciating the buoyancy’s soothing effect on my ever expanding frame. The following summer, we took our son to the pool as soon as he turned 3 months old. Every week, I would look forward to sunny days spent with my son […]

Soft Elias Baby lifejacket 100 N, REGATTA

The Regatta Soft Baby lifejacket is developed together with parents and babies which have tested the lifejacket during the development process. The lifejacket provides a stabile floating position in the water. Buoyancy:   56N (min. required buoyancy 30N) Size:  Less than 15 kg Colour:   Fluorescent Lemon with patterns of Elias Weight:   0,5 kg. Approval: ISO 12402-4 / 100N Partager la publication « Soft Elias Baby lifejacket 100 N, REGATTA » FacebookLinkedInViadeoPartager…E-mail

« SUPERSAFE AIR » gilet de sauvetage 150N enfant de CREWSAVER

Supersafe Air, gilet de sauvetage enfant de 150 N Gilets conçus pour les plus petits. Le Supersafe-Air est le successeur  du gilet enfant  SEABABY . Avec grand col Harnais incorporé Boucle “D” pour la fixation d’une sangle de sécurité dans le dos Flottabilité permanente en mousse et réserve de flottabilité supplémentaire gonflable. Flottabilité 150 N Couleur: jaune         Tailles: Baby Child Large Child Junior < 15 kg 15 -30 kg,  30 – 40 kg 40 – 50 kg […]

Gilet de sauvetage enfant « Baby Safe » , by Helly Hansen

Gilet de sauvetage souple, primé et éprouvé, pour enfants en bas âge. Conçu pour procurer une flottabilité optimale et assurer la sécurité de votre bébé. Caractéristiques Certifié ISO 12402 / 100N Mousse souple pour le confort et coupe douillette Découpe optimisée pour un maximum de flottabilité et de sécurité Culotte sous-cutale Bandes réfléchissantes Tissu haute visibilité ultra résistant Mousse intérieure contenant moins de 3,5 % de DIBP Sifflet Partager la publication « Gilet de sauvetage enfant « Baby Safe » , by Helly […]

Baby Floating Survival Cot.

Survitec Group is the only supplier in the world to offer a Baby Floating Survival Cot. Currently used by a large number of the leading aviation organisations the unique Baby Floating Survival Cot provides an unparalleled and highly effective solution to the problem of protecting infants in the event of an emergency aircraft ditching. The Beaufort Babycot (MK4) accommodates infants from birth to eighteen months, whilst continuing to offer a high level of protection against exposure and drowning. The Beaufort […]

BABY CRIB, baby life preserver

This inherently buoyant baby life preserver is essential for emergency and rescue work. Built for maximum safety and comfort for the infant, it is made of soft PVC foam with the length easily adjustable to suit a wide range of sizes. To make the crib easy to use and secure, it has a front opening zip and adjustable belt, coupled with a webbing safety line and hand loop for attaching to an adult. An optional lifejacket light is also available. […]