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Crewsaver is recognised as a world leading designer and manufacturer of lifejackets and sailing equipment.

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As a respected authority on personal marine safety and with a history dating back more than 50 years, today we work closely with the RNLI and with the Military and Emergency Services.

The knowledge we continue to gain both influences and enhances the products we bring to the commercial and leisure markets.

l’ERGOFIT SOLAS pour l’industrie éolienne offshore

Conçu pour l’industrie éolienne offshore , pour le transfert de navires et le travail en hauteur sur éolienne.  Le gilet de sauvetage ErgoFit SOLAS 290N est une solution ergonomique à port constant avec une protection sans compromis dans l’eau, y compris sa vessie de gonflage à retournement  rapide et le système de rétention de cylindre EXOLOK. EN ISO 12402-2-2020 IMO Resolution Twin Chamber 275N MSC 200 (80) SOLAS approved Vessie sculptée à grand volume pour une protection et des performances […]

The Halo passenger lifejacket

The Halo passenger lifejacket provides operators with the most advanced lifejacket solution available for helicopter transfer – offering an enhanced level of safety, comfort and in-water performance not currently available in the energy aviation sector. Halo Hood System It has been proven that the addition of a spray hood inside a lifejacket can significantly enhance the wearer’s safety. It increases visibility, retains heat and protects the airway from water inhalation. This lifejacket features the halo hood system – an industry […]


Survitec’s Crewsaver Rope Access 3D 275N lifejacket has been awarded the Spirit of Innovation award (Safety and Training category) at Seawork International 2017 in Southampton. On presenting the award Jake Frith, Chairman of the judging panel commented ‘Our winner amalgamates the very best existing technologies to make a package that is suitable for a specific commercial application.’ The ergonomic 3D lifejacket is a world first and was designed closely with wind energy operators to create a lifejacket that not only […]

Survitec Group Launches The Pioneering Crewsaver Workvest Lifejacket Range

Survitec Group is delighted to launch its pioneering Crewsaver single chamber Workvest range, ideal for the working marine market, at Seawork 14-16th June 2016. This new range uses the technology and expertise gained by Survitec Group through its work in the design and manufacture of lifejackets for the marine and aviation markets, to create a product range for the working marine market which offers the most advanced comfort and performance technologies to date. Feedback has shown that many operators are […]

« Supersafe » gilet de sauvetage enfant 150 N de CREWSAVER

« Supersafe « , gilet de sauvetage pour enfant de  150 N avec Harnais de sécurité intégré . Combinaison parfaite d’un gilet des sauvetage 150 N pour enfant avec harnais de sécurité. Prévu pour fixer la sangle de sécurité dans le dos laissant une grande liberté à l’enfant, et s’il devait tomber à l’eau il serait tiré sur le dos avec la tête bien hors de l’eau. Avec grand col en mousse souple recouverte de tissu en nylon Flottabilité 150 N Harnais […]

« SUPERSAFE AIR » gilet de sauvetage 150N enfant de CREWSAVER

Supersafe Air, gilet de sauvetage enfant de 150 N Gilets conçus pour les plus petits. Le Supersafe-Air est le successeur  du gilet enfant  SEABABY . Avec grand col Harnais incorporé Boucle “D” pour la fixation d’une sangle de sécurité dans le dos Flottabilité permanente en mousse et réserve de flottabilité supplémentaire gonflable. Flottabilité 150 N Couleur: jaune         Tailles: Baby Child Large Child Junior < 15 kg 15 -30 kg,  30 – 40 kg 40 – 50 kg […]

Crewsaver Rescue System .

Le système de sauvetage Crewsaver comprend le Crewfit 150N gilet de sauvetage manuel, ligne de sécurité de 150 m et croc de dégagement rapide et Strop tous fournis dans un fourre-tout compact. Le système est conçu pour protéger pleinement le sauveteur en tout temps et ils restent fixés à la rive ou d’un navire par une ligne de sécurité flottante 150m avec une déformation à la rupture de 500 kg Cette ligne se fixe par un croc de dégagement rapide […]

Brassière de sauvetage BSI 150 AIR/MOUSSE de CREWSAVER

Le BSI 150 est une brassière de sauvetage populaire dans les environnements de travail et en navigation de loisir depuis de nombreuses années. Elle est disponible en trois options: le BSI 150N mousse à air standard, le BSI/dotP Air Foam , le BSI /dotP avec la lumière. Tous lesBSI 150  en mousse et air sont insubmersible avec leur flottabilité initiale fournie par la cellule fermée en mousse PVC. Le porteur peut alors recharger la flottabilité en utilisant le tube oral. La flottaison […]

Rope Access 275N lifejacket from Crewsaver

The Rope Access Lifejacket has been designed in conjunction with leading offshore operators for use when operating at height in an offshore environment.We used lifejackets designed for the oil and gas industry as a base and built in unique key features to make it an easy and efficient choice for the offshore industry. These features include a split outer cover of a medium-weight wipe clean material. This design provides great flexibility around the neck to ensure the lifejacket doesn’t push […]


EVOLUTION 250N  LIFEJACKET . A hybrid, general purpose, waistcoat style lifejacket designed for operating in an  environment where frequent water immersion is probable. Moving on from our traditional lifejacket the ‘Harvester’, the Evolution 250N provides a more modern design giving the user additional buoyancy, comfort and manoeuvrability. Constructed with 60N of inherently buoyant foam and 190N quick turn inflation chamber  provides the user with the benefits of a buoyancy aid and the increased safety solution  of a lifejacket. Manual options […]

Fire Retardant 290N lifejacket, Crewsaver

Developed in conjunction with major rescue organisations the Crewsaver Fire Retardant 290N offers a level of protection unmatched across today’s market. Our unique fireproof wraparound system provides added protection against embers to the zip and Velcro, giving the jacket a longevity that is unparalleled.   Inside the jacket, a symmetrical design of the front chambers provide an extremely good turning ability, even if you are wearing heavy clothing, face down and incapacitated in the water. In addition, the jacket lifts […]

New lifejackets are a splash hit with RNLI  / Chris Carson , Reporter

Friday, July 20, 2012

Helmsman James Rice tries out a new lifejacket during a training session.
Photo by Richard Horobin.

RNLI chiefs at Lyme Regis are in buoyant mood after after taking possession of new life-jackets for the crew.
They were bought thanks to generous donations from people living in and around the town earlier this year.
During the winter many fund-raising events were held to raise £3,500 to buy and maintain six of the new vests.
And this week the lifejackets were worn for the first time after a training session with RNLI assessor Simon James.
He said: « The old lifejackets had been in use for at least ten years and
had to be replaced.