Waterland baby carrier

Waterland is an innovative carrier that can be used both – in water and on Land.

WaterLand JetBlack

Allows you to enter safely with your baby to the water.

For babies 4m-2Y / 13-33 lbs / 6-15 kg Can be worn with baby’s face out or towards you.

Surrounds and attaches your baby to you, allowing hands free and available.

Waterland is made of Neoprene – the material used for diving & surfing suits.

Elastic, breathing, soft & easy drying. Maintains the baby’s temperature in the water.

Comfort: Light and easily stored and carried in all types of travelling bags.

Lined shoulder belts and easy to control safety buckles.

Just adjust it once and wear it as a T-Shirt!

Comes with a practical storage string bag, that protects your Waterland baby carrier Available in 6 colors:

Pacific Blue,

Light Blue Sky,

Keylime Green,

Black Swan,

Flamingo Pink,

Sunrise Yellow.

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Tel: +972-8-9316288

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