Lifejacket Rebreather System.

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Gilets de sauvetage pour hélicoptère offshore , avec respirateur de survie .

Helicopter lifejacket ; Lifevest ETSO C13

ERBS Lifejacket Rebreather System, Lifejacket with integrated CA-EBS. lifejacket fully compliance with the latest CAA-UK / EASA / ETSO requirements.

Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) for Offshore Helicopter Occupants

Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) provide a way to extend time underwater so that escape from a helicopter, which has capsized as a result of an attempted controlled ditching or an uncontrolled water impact, is achievable if not constrained by other factors. This type of equipment is sometimes referred to as Emergency Underwater Breathing Apparatus (EUBA).

The Halo passenger lifejacket

The Halo passenger lifejacket provides operators with the most advanced lifejacket solution available for helicopter transfer – offering an enhanced level of safety, comfort and in-water performance not currently available in the energy aviation sector. Halo Hood System It has been proven that the addition of a spray hood inside a lifejacket can significantly enhance the wearer’s safety. It increases visibility, retains heat and protects the airway from water inhalation. This lifejacket features the halo hood system – an industry […]

SeaLion Europe Crew 275N

SeaLion Europe Crew is a flexible lifejacket specifically designed for operational pilots and crew. It is certified for use together with our SeaAir CA EBS that is integrated by means a removable hip/back pocket that can be positioned so it does not interfere with operating the helicopter. (SeaAir CA EBS is purchased separately). This lifejacket is also designed for use together with our SeaAir Europe Pilot suit. Together the suit and lifejacket form complete safety concept for offshore helicopter pilots and […]

SeaAir Barents 2, combinaison de transport de passagers par hélicoptère.

SeaAir Barents 2 est l’une des combinaisons de transport de passagers par hélicoptère la plus perfectionnée. La combinaison est une évolution de SeaAir1, qui a reçu le prix d’excellence en design décerné par le Norwegian Design Council lors de son lancement. La combinaison est développée pour le transport par hélicoptère en eaux froides et possède une homologation Solas de 6 heures (en plus de l’homologation ETSO). Préparé pour l’intégration en option des systèmes respiratoires d’urgence av, HP ERBS/air pocket et […]

PV9302 -Gilet de sauvetage d’hélicoptères avec EBS (180 N)

Ce gilet de sauvetage haut de gamme et bien ajusté est homologué ETSO par les passagers des hélicoptères offshore lors des vols vers et depuis les hélidecks. Il s’agit d’un système très simple, compact et léger, doté d’un système EBS détachable offrant au moins 60 secondes d’air supplémentaires pour aider l’équipage à sortir d’un hélicoptère en eaux froides. Le PV9302 est également équipé d’une capuche anti-embrun , d’une protection amovible pour le cou, d’une lampe de secours, d’un sifflet pour alerter les […]

Survitec Group wins contract to provide general lighthouse Authorities ,with essential Lifesaving Equipment

Survitec Group, a global leader in the manufacture, supply, inspection, testing and maintenance of safety and survival equipment have recently won the contract to supply helicopter passenger Lifejackets and Immersion suits to the General Lighthouse Authorities (UK & Ireland). Survitec will support the Commissioner of Irish Lights, Northern Lighthouse Board and Trinity House with supply & servicing for over 200 helicopter passenger suits (1000 Series). In addition to this, Survitec will also support PDG Helicopters with Passenger and Aircrew Category […]

Survitec – MK50 Sentinel Life Preserver

MK50 Sentinel Life Preserver Developed in direct response to CAA CAP 1034 Category ‘A’ performance guidelines and meeting the requirements of ETSO-2C504 and ETSOC13F the new MK50 Sentinel Lifejacket features an integrated Emergency Breathing System (EBS). Constructed from a flame retardant material, the unique modular design allows full customisation for operating requirements, whilst the slim and ergonomic design allows for maximum comfort and manoeuvrability. The jacket features a twin inflatable chamber with a buoyancy of 275 Newtons. The modular design […]

Integrated Breathing Apparatus Training Will Change Industry Standards

Written by Carroll McCormick Occupants of helicopters that ditch into water have a good chance of surviving the impact with only minor injuries. They also stand a good chance, sadly, of drowning before they can escape the wreckage, according to accident research. Helicopter underwater emergency breathing apparatuses (HUEBA) give passengers extra time to escape, but only if training prepares them to act correctly and quickly in such unusual and highly stressful conditions. Buoyed by the conclusions of a study carried out […]

New breathing system for helicopter passengers approved

Energy Reporter, 10th July 2014   The UK Civil Aviation Authority CAA today confirmed the approval of the new Category A emergency breathing system EBS. The announcement comes after the CAA proposed a raft of changes geared toward increasing the safety of offshore helicopter flights. The approval will see the equipment officially introduced into service. Mark Swan director of the CAA’s Safety and Airspace Regulation Group said: “The safety of those who rely on offshore helicopter flights is our absolute […]

BIARBO LRS001, Helicopter Lifejacket Rebreather System.

Il a fallu plus de deux ans à Biardo pour développer ce nouveau gilet de sauvetage avec recycleur. Il en est résulté l’un des meilleurs et des plus modernes systèmes de recycleurs de gilets de sauvetage selon les dernières réglementations ETSO / EASA. Le LRS001 est amélioré sur plusieurs points par rapport aux produits similaires existants, comme le gilet de sauvetage Airpocket Plus (LAP). La partie cou est arrondie et pourvue de néoprène. Cela rend le LRS001 très confortable à […]

VIKING LIFE SAVING, Helicopter Crew Vest

Helicopter constant-wear life jacket for operations to or from helidecks located in a hostile sea area.  Description 1. Comfortable and lightweight; 2. Multiple adjustment possibilities; 3. Extra padding on back for added comfort and support; 4. Sprayhood; 5. Manually or orally inflated. Specifications – ETSO approved – Buoyancy 180 N – Dimensions: 36 x 60 x 12 cm (packed); 42 x 67 x 16 cm (inflated) – Weight 1.80 kg – Buoyancy chamber: PU-coated nylon. Welded. – CO2 cylinder 38 g […]

VIKING LIFE SAVING , helicopter EBS lifejacket

This top of the line, constant-wear lifejacket is ETSO approved and used during flights to and from helidecks. It is a very simple, compact, lightweight and well fitted lifejacket that is perfect for operational and training purposes. VIKING Helicopter Lifejacket can be inflated manually; it has 1 buoyancy chamber and 180N. PV9302 comes with a detachable EBS (Emergency Breathing System) located on the front cover. The EBS has a 6 liter air lung which gives the user the possibility to […]

Shark Survival, Lifejacket Air Pocket Plus (LAP)

The award winning Shark LAP Lifejacket Air Pocket Plus combination reduces the number of items to don. The Shark LAP jacket is CAA Spec 5 approved. It proved its performance in exacting independent test and trials and has been in service since 2002. It has become an industry standard product and is in use worldwide. Shark 96202 LAP features include:  Excellent performance on compatibility and self-righting Nominal capacity of 275 Newtons  Manually operated lifejacket meeting CAA Spec. 5 Fitted with becket, whistle, buddy line […]

Lifejacket honours lost Stockton victim of helicopter smash.

A NEW lifejacket has been poignantly named after a Stockton man lost at sea in a helicopter crash. by Mike Blackburn, Evening Gazette Keith Lawrence Smith was among five gas platform workers and two pilots killed when the SA365N Dauphin plunged into the Irish Sea on December 27, 2006. The body of the divorced dad, 57, who lived with his fiancee in Ingleby Barwick, was never found after the crash off Morecambe Bay. New safety jackets have now been introduced […]