Survitec Group wins contract to provide general lighthouse Authorities ,with essential Lifesaving Equipment

Survitec Group, a global leader in the manufacture, supply, inspection, testing and maintenance of safety and survival equipment have recently won the contract to supply helicopter passenger Lifejackets and Immersion suits to the General Lighthouse Authorities (UK & Ireland).

SURVITEC helicopter passenger Lifejackets and Immersion suits

Survitec will support the Commissioner of Irish Lights, Northern Lighthouse Board and Trinity House with supply & servicing for over 200 helicopter passenger suits (1000 Series).

In addition to this, Survitec will also support PDG Helicopters with Passenger and Aircrew Category A approved Lifejackets and Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS). These units meet the latest legislative requirements in the UK which are mandatory for passenger and aircrew from the 1st April 2016.

Although Survitec have previously supported all operations with essential safety equipment, the contract was tendered so that the lighthouse authorities could source the latest approved equipment in the North Sea which offered the best performance in a timely manner.

Survitec Group also has a global footprint with a large customer base and a worldwide distribution network that includes 550 distributors and agents, covering over 2000 ports.

Jim Cook, Survitec’s Head of Aviation Sales, said:

“We are very pleased that the UK and Ireland Lighthouse authorities chose to place this contract with Survitec group. A key objective was to improve their helicopter safety equipment in line with the latest CAP 1145 regulations from the CAA, with mandatory safety requirements for all passengers and crew from 1st April 2016. Our experience of safety legislation was key for the provision to the lighthouse authorities with the required safety products and services. »

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