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SeaLion SOLAS 300N, compatible avec harnais-antichute.

Le gilet de sauvetage SeaLion SOLAS 300N à double chambre est spécialement conçu pour être porté avec un harnais antichute. La conception du gilet permet aux crochets de sécurité du harnais antichute d’être libres pour attacher les lignes d’arrêt des chutes, tant sur le devant que sur le dos. À l’arrière, la sangle dorsale en forme de Y spécialement conçue offre un espace pour le crochet de sécurité du harnais antichute. Le gilet de sauvetage est muni de boucles spéciales […]

SeaLion Europe Crew 275N

SeaLion Europe Crew is a flexible lifejacket specifically designed for operational pilots and crew. It is certified for use together with our SeaAir CA EBS that is integrated by means a removable hip/back pocket that can be positioned so it does not interfere with operating the helicopter. (SeaAir CA EBS is purchased separately). This lifejacket is also designed for use together with our SeaAir Europe Pilot suit. Together the suit and lifejacket form complete safety concept for offshore helicopter pilots and […]

SeaLion, inflatable life jackets by HASEN PROTECTION

SeaLion SOLAS inflatable life jackets help turn an unconscious person over to a correct floating position with the head well above water. The SeaLion lifejackets are designed as combined working / abandonment lifejackets. SeaLion lifejackets comes in a 150N, a 275N and a 275N Offshore model, all designed to meet your requirements. Highlights Rough outer fabrics in black Twin chamber security Contoured head and neck support Lightweight and comfortable to wear Automatic inflation on contact with water or manual inflation […]