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VIKING Acquires Edge in Offshore Evacuation

With recent type approval of an 81-meter-high evacuation system, VIKING has answered the needs of offshore fixed and jack-up rigs to handle extreme heights. Leading maritime safety equipment and servicing manufacturer VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S has received type approval from

PV9340 VIKING Lifejacket for Marine and Offshore Applications

Available at 180 N, 275 N Symetric and 275 asymetric Designed for tough marine and offshore work applications, combining superior in-water performance, durability and a comfortable, ergonomic design. A low-profile compact cover – in a choice of Cordura® or wipeclean

Rope Access 275N lifejacket from Crewsaver

The Rope Access Lifejacket has been designed in conjunction with leading offshore operators for use when operating at height in an offshore environment.We used lifejackets designed for the oil and gas industry as a base and built in unique key

BIARBO LRS001, Helicopter Lifejacket Rebreather System.

The LRS001 lifejacket rebreather is released in September 2013. It took Biardo over two years to develop this new lifejacket with rebreather. This has resulted in one of the best and most modern lifejacket rebreather systems according to the latest ETSO

VIKING LIFE SAVING, Helicopter Crew Vest

Helicopter constant-wear life jacket for operations to or from helidecks located in a hostile sea area.  Description 1. Comfortable and lightweight; 2. Multiple adjustment possibilities; 3. Extra padding on back for added comfort and support; 4. Sprayhood; 5. Manually or