VIKING LIFE SAVING , helicopter EBS lifejacket

EBS offshore

This top of the line, constant-wear lifejacket is ETSO approved and used during flights to and from helidecks. It is a very simple, compact, lightweight and well fitted lifejacket that is perfect for operational and training purposes.

VIKING Helicopter Lifejacket can be inflated manually; it has 1 buoyancy chamber and 180N. PV9302 comes with a detachable EBS (Emergency Breathing System) located on the front cover. The EBS has a 6 liter air lung which gives the user the possibility to breathe underwater for approx. 60 seconds in case of sudden submersion. This lifejacket is also equipped with a spray hood, detachable neck protection, an emergency light, a whistle to alert rescuers, a buddy line, lifting becket and an option to install a personal locator beacon. VIKING Helicopter Lifejacket comes in two versions, a training version and operational version.
The training version is excellent for training purposes because it is identical to the operational version; the only difference is the release system. This means that the wearer trains and works in exactly the same lifejacket. In case of an emergency there are no surprises; the wearer is completely familiar with the product.

The lifejacket must be worn at all times when flying in a helicopter. 

1. Top of the line easy to use lifejacket for use during transportation;
2. Detachable escape Emergency Breathing System on front cover with automatic and manual release system;
3. Sprayhood
4. Detachable neck protection
5. Emergency light, whistle, buddy line and lifting becket
6. Manually or orally inflated
– ETSO approved
– Buoyancy 275 N
– Dimensions: 60 x 38 x 8 cm (packed), 60 x 38 x 8 cm (inflated)
– Weight 2,3 kg
– Buoyancy chamber: PU coated nylon. Welded. Double compartment via membrane.
– Cover: Cordura 280 g/m²
– 2 x 60 g CO2 cylinder
– 8 retro-reflective trims on buoyancy chamber and spray-hood

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