Universal Aqua System

Universal Aqua System

The Universal Aquatic System « UAS” was Originally designed to help members of the paraplegic and quadriplegic communlty enjoy the water and safely take part in fun and therapeutic water activities.

There are many flotation devices out in the market today, however, many of these devices do not specifically service the disability community.The UAS was designed and created because there was a need for the patient, caregiver and therapist. One of these necessities was keeping individuals upright even in turbulent waters.

 The Aqua System can be used by individuals with or without disabilities, but its design and function were especially engineered with paraplegics and quadriplegics in mind. A combination of upper and lower body aquatic compression devices that can support, stabilize, and assist users to stay upright during many water activities.

Other factors were taken into account when creating the UAS include:

  • Does the individual have a tracheotomy?
  • Does the individual have contractures or dilficulty with upper and lower body movements?
  • Does the individual have hypotonic or hypotonic muscle tone?
  • Does the individual have partial or full paralysis?
  • Does the individual have adequate neck and trunk control?


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