The Worksafe Pro 170 Fishing Lifejacket

The Worksafe Pro 170 Fishing Lifejacket has been designed by and for the fishing industry, ideal for use in a constant wet environment, and features the Hammar MA 1 automatic inflation system which offers protection against unintended deployment, yet is super sensitive to when the wearer is immersed in water.
The jacket constructed using a highly durable and wipe clean cover fabric and boasts a slim fit ergonomic design with mesh back for increased support, comfort and breathability.
A neoprene anti-abrasion neck comes as standard further enhancing wearer comfort.
A storm flap, integral zipped pocket and radio attachment strap add to this feature packed high-performance lifejacket.
Easy to don, comfortable to wear and buoyant to 170/300 Newtons it has self-righting increasing freeboard and keeping the airways high above the water line, reducing the possibility of secondary drowning.
A single removable crotch strap minimises ride-up further improving in-water performance.

The Worksafe Pro also comes in a harness option.

The Worksafe Pro 170 Fishing
• Ergonomically designed
• AIS compatible
• Radio attachment point
• Firing head window
• Integral crotch strap
• Easy front donning
• Zip closure with protective tab for zip durability
• Interlocking lobes
• Wave barrier technology
• Flotation (on right hand tab)
• Hammar MA 1. Automatic Operating Head
• Wave Barrier technology delivers sub five second super-fast turn speed.
• The wearer is placed on their back keeping airways raised above water.
• The interlocking bladder blocks the flow of water into the wearer’s airways, massively reducing the risk of secondary drowning.
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