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FIREFLY® PRO SOLAS When it comes to saving lives, anything less than the best is not an option. The all-new Firefly PRO rescue strobe lights are the brightest and most feature-packed strobe lights on the market today. With three activation functions, toggle between the ultra-bright strobe or the SOS strobe to visually alert Search and Rescue of your location, then toggle to the Steady-On feature for close-up recovery operations. Our innovative new wide light emission LEDs produce a 360° beam […]

CATCH and LIFT MOB Rescue System

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system offers significant advantages for « men overboard » and their crew. CATCH and LIFT is easy to use in stressful situations and under difficult weather conditions even by an inexperienced crew member. No muscle power is required for Man Overboard Rescue as it operates from the rudder. No dangerous approach manoeuvres, no risky physical handling on the ship’s side No time wasted on modifications on sailing ship or on re-hooking the MoB. The case includes every […]

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system for « men overboard » and their crew.

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system offers significant advantages for « men overboard » and their crew. Greater security for all concerned! The working principle of CATCH and LIFT is ingeniously simple. It is based on physical principles and requires a minimum of components, which makes CATCH and LIFT a hassle-free and user-friendly rescue system. Based on this proven principle, MS SAFETY GmbH develops, tests and manufactures other devices for rescue teams and the military. General information Our rescue system combines two […]

Mersey lifejacket manufacturer to launch new product that will aid rescue missions

Marine inflatable lifejackets manufacturer, International Safety Products (ISP), is launching a series of new products fitted with self-alerting systems to aid rescue missions. Bootle-based ISP has partnered with engineering and maritime communications specialist, Ocean Signal, to integrate the rescueME MOB1 device into three models of lifejackets. The rescueME MOB1 is the world’s smallest automatic identification system and activates when a lifejacket is inflated. communicating with vessels within a five-mile radius and also linking to a rescue satellite network, helping to […]

B-Line™ Water Rescue Device

B-Line est un Dispositif de sauvetage en milieu aquatique apportant  une aide à la flottabilité simplifié légère. B-Line Water Rescue Device can be thrown much further and more accurately than a standard lifebuoy, increasing the chances of a successful rescue. B-Line Water Rescue Device aids flotation, helping to reduce panic and allowing regular breathing to recommence. The rescuee can then be pulled safely to the shore. Design Features Easily thrown with accuracy. Buoyant and strong. Soft nose reduces risk of injury […]