CATCH and LIFT MOB Rescue System

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system offers significant advantages for « men overboard » and their crew.

CATCH and LIFT is easy to use in stressful situations and under difficult weather conditions even by an inexperienced crew member.

  • No muscle power is required for Man Overboard Rescue as it operates from the rudder.
  • No dangerous approach manoeuvres, no risky physical handling on the ship’s side
  • No time wasted on modifications on sailing ship or on re-hooking the MoB.

The case includes every necessity for the rescue of the person gone overboard.


  • Fast rescue: MOB can be back aboard in < 3 minutes
  • Easy to use even in difficult weather conditions and under stress
  • Muscular strength is not required by the person on the ship or person in the water
  • Rescue manoeuvres are operated from the rudder – guaranteeing self-protection for the person/ people on-board
  • MOB keeps a safe distance from the ship – no risk of running the person over or hurting him/her
  • Full control at all times: the rescue procedure can be started and stopped, accelerated and slowed down
  • Ready to use – no rearrangements on the ship or on the sails, no time wasted
  • Ship remains under control during rescue procedures and is fully manoeuvrable
  • Manoeuvring requires no specific qualifications
  • The lifesaving equipment is brought to the person involved in an accident, not vice versa
  • The rescue of unconscious people is possible
  • It can be operated by a single person
  • Especially suitable in poor visibility conditions, in the event of severe wind and heavy waves
  • Rescue training leads to more confident performance, increasing chances of success
  • Reusable


  • Maximum lifting capacity: 200 kg (the person / persons gone overboard)
  • Break load of the entire system: 600 daN
  • 27 mm gate clearance of the snap hook (on the pulley and rescue loop)
  • Total weight incl. case: 4.9 kg
  • Case dimensions: 364 x 295 x 169 mm
  • Service life of 12 years where the 2-year maintenance intervals are upheld

Requirements for the sailing yacht

  • Minimum break load of the « topping lift »: 600 daN
  • Minimum traction capacity of the sailing yacht: 200 kg
  • The hooking point of the pulley should be approx. 1.8 metres above deck
  • Maximum freeboard height: 3 metres
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