The CATCH and LIFT rescue system for « men overboard » and their crew.

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system offers significant advantages for « men overboard » and their crew. Greater security for all concerned!

CATCH and LIFT rescue system

The working principle of CATCH and LIFT is ingeniously simple.

It is based on physical principles and requires a minimum of components, which makes CATCH and LIFT a hassle-free and user-friendly rescue system.

Based on this proven principle, MS SAFETY GmbH develops, tests and manufactures other devices for rescue teams and the military.

General information

  • Our rescue system combines two stages of rescue in one:
    1. Firstly, it connects to the person gone overboard (heaving line)
    2. Secondly, the person is lifted back on board (automatically without muscle effort)
  • Fast rescue: A person can be brought nearer and lifted back aboard in < 3 minutes
  • Easy to use even in difficult weather conditions and under stress
  • Muscular strength is not required either by the person on the ship, or by the person in the water
  • Rescue manoeuvres are operated from the rudder – guaranteeing self-protection for the person/ people on-board
  • The person in the water keeps a safe distance from the ship – no risk of running the person over or hurting him/her
  • Full control at all times: the rescue procedure can be started and stopped, accelerated and slowed down
  • Ready to use – no rearrangements on the ship or on the sails, no time wasted
  • Ship remains under control during rescue procedures and is fully manoeuvrable
  • Manoeuvring requires no specific qualifications
  • The lifesaving equipment is brought to the person involved in an accident, not vice versa
  • The rescue of unconscious people is possible
  • It can be operated by a single person
  • Especially suitable in poor visibility conditions, in the event of severe wind and heavy waves
  • Rescue training leads to more confident performance, increasing chances of success
  • Reusable

  Technical data

  • Works independently – without connection to the power grid, winches, main or jib halyard, etc.
  • Several hooking points for the pulley (boom, shrouds)
  • Two fastening options for the person in the water: a snap hook and a rescue sling
  • Extremely hassle-free
  • The case is waterproof and robust
  • Very compact, lightweight (4.9 kg)
  • Suitable for airline travel (charter crews)
  • Maintenance services from the manufacturer
  • A whistle is attached to the rescue sling
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