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Floater® is one of-a-kind personal flotation wetsuit.

Airtime Watertime® Floater® Product Description The Floater is one of-a-kind personal flotation wetsuit, combining buoyancy, flexibility, and protection to produce a water experience like no other. It provides greater freedom of movement while solving the ongoing problem of water fatigue—allowing one the ability to rest without having to tread water. Product Specs Unique design features: 2mm short sleeve spring suit Construction: Flatlock-stitched seams Overview: Contour collar for comfort, strategic seam placement, back zip entry Extra-long zipper for easy entry and exit Patented […]

Fortis Flotation Armour

Fortis armoured buoyancy jackets have sufficient inherent buoyancy (up to 100 Newtons) to aid survival in calm, ocean and coastal waters and inland waterways. Jackets are fitted with closed-cell vinyl-nitrile buoyancy foam. Fortis armoured inflatable jackets have sufficient buoyancy (up to 275 Newtons) to aid survival of unconscious wearers in deep ocean waters. Jackets are fitted with inflatable collars. Fortis Flotation Armour protects against: Ballistic attack (including ‘blunt-trauma’) Stabbing attack (including knives, spikes and needles) Fragmentation (from exploding devices) Blunt […]