New life jacket for dinghy sailing

 The life jacket is created with insights from real users and their experiences, to increase the usability of the dinghy sailors life jacket.

Trough the process we came to develop the dinghy sailors trapeze harness as well.


Usually, the dinghy sailors wears both a life jacket and a trapeze harness.

Combining those two, we have increased the users ability to move by removing superfluous material, and given him/her one less garment to wear.

The solution also shortens the time used to dress up before training or competition, and give the user less cloth to dry when he/she comes home.

Because the life jacket are adjustable, it will fit perfect regardless of the season.

In Norway, many dinghy sailors practices until ice covers the sea in the middle of November, they therefore needs to wear a dry suit and lots of wool under the harness and the life jacket.

The ability to adjust the life jacket also meets the needs of younger sailors, who often have to change equipment rapidly because the grow.

Design: Alexander Ruud Kondrup, Håkon Stallvik Riise og Oda Sortland.

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