SUP Life Jacket , EIF pour la pratique du paddle board.


inflatable SUP life jacket

This inflatable SUP life jacket called the Fluid by MTI is the best low-profile personal floatation device solution to the United States Coast Guards regulation that requires stand up paddle boarders to have a PFD on board if theyre stand up paddling outside of a surf zone, swimming area, or wading area.

Most stand up paddle surfers prefer to be as unencumbered as possible while theyre paddling, so this belt pack style solution stays out of the way until its needed (if it ever is).

Inflatable SUP Life Jacket – Fluid

When you need it, the inflatable bladder is deployed by the user and inflated by a contained CO2 cartridge.

Simply put the bladder over your neck and youve got a fully functional personal flotation device.

As much as the stand up paddle board community may think the Coast Guards requirement is silly (given the fact that a 12 foam board tethered to your leg kind of is a personal flotation device in itself), there are areas where the Coast Guard is actively giving out tickets.

If you find yourself stand up paddle boarding in one of those areas, this SUP life jacket is the best out of the way solution hands down.

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