X-Treme 150N und X-Treme 275N, lifejacket SeaCurity

SeaCurity X-Treme is a premium lifejacket developed for the toughest conditions you may encounter.

SeaCurity X-Treme
SeaCurity X-Treme

It is easy to don, easy to wear, with an extremely good fit and protects you additionally through its vest style.


  • Full vest type life jacket with 150 N or 275 N
  • UML MK5 automatic/manual inflator
  • 33 g CO-2 cartridge for 150 N; 60 g CO-2 cartridge for 275 N
  • ISO 12402 certifcate with CE mark pending
  • Click-fix buckle
  • Webbing D-ring on both sides
  • Lifting loop
  • Colour: Black/yellow for 150 N, black/red for 275 N
  • Packaging: Bag
  • Optional: Self-activating light
  • Optional: Detachable crotch strap
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