Gilet de sauvetage hybride Regatta Workvest 403

Comfortable with excellent mobility.

• Soft buoyancy with self extinguishing PVC with closed cells 50 N

• An inflatable lung which automatically inflates in contact with water and gives extra buoyancy 150 N in situations when wearing tool belt etc.

• Anti flame outer fabric.

• High visibility due to orange fabric.

• Aperture in the back for fitting of safety hook.


• 3 adjustable belts with buckle and D-ring in stainless steel.

• Suitable collar which protects the neck.

• Equipped with 6 SOLAS reflective tapes and whistle.

• Requires technical inspection and annual maintenance. Read instructions carefully!

• Maintenance: Recharge kit (33 gr cylinder, bobbin, locking clip) and bobbin.

• Accessories: Wateractivated light – can be mounted on the lung.

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