Aquatron personal flotation device.

Aquatron is an Australian based brand that is committed to helping reduce the number of water-related accidents that occur globally.

Designed and engineered to deliver the ultimate in safety, comfort and performance, Aquatron products are effective buoyancy devices that are specifically designed for not only commercial use, but by swimmers, surfers and others enjoying water based recreational activities as well.


C-PAL Titan

The C-PAL Titan is a personal flotation device that is designed to sit around the wearer’s shoulders.

To wear, simply secure the elastic tie and it will sit on your shoulders ready for use at a moment’s notice. 

The Titan’s lightweight and compact design takes up less space than a medium size packet of potato chips and it includes a light, whistle, and a CO2 container.



The C-PAL Neptune unit is a personal flotation device that is worn as an arm band.

The unit is fitted to the left arm between the elbow and shoulder, and is designed for comfort while ensuring easy access to your personal flotation device

C-PAL Neptune

Once deployed, the flotation device will self-inflate and is to be worn around the neck.



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