Heads Up, This New Life Jacket Might Be the Most Innovative in Years

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of strapping yourself into the foam-filled, flak jacket look-a-likes we call life jackets, you know of the desperate need for innovation in the water sports market. Seeing as a vessel is legally required to match its United States Coast Guard-approved PFDs to its passenger count, it’s fair to say the USCG seal of approval is the most important certification program a flotation device has to claim.

However, from kayaks to sailboats, most captains prefer to keep the typically cumbersome certified PFDs stowed away and wear something more comfortable instead, something that often lacks that USCG certification.

The Wingman Life Jacket is a Type-III USCG certified vest that, for the first time in some time, shows there is room for more innovation.

The Wingman is low-profile, lightweight and affords users the ability to turn one’s head without the cumbersome foam of other life preservers. Thanks to a CO2-powered floatation mechanism activated by a pull of a ripcord, it’s easily the thinnest USCG-approved PFD.


Last but not least, it looks good enough to wear without feeling like a complete dunce. Available now, the Wingman Life Jacket comes in black, red, camo and yellow.

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