The next generation KNRM Immersion Suit System

KNRM Immersion Suit

The KNRM can offer the suits and ancillary items through the producer, who will be responsible for the delivery and quality of the products.
The new immersion suit, with an integrated life vest, has been developed over a period of several years by the KNRM in close co-operation with the producer. The KNRM will start replacing its present suits as from the end of 2012.

The suit design is based on the latest technological developments and textile technology to provide unequalled performance:

  • The integral liner uses Nano and 3D technology to provide a thermal insulation management system that controls the microclimate inside the suit.
  • The integrated life preserver is fitted with a high tech LED strobe light and personal locator beacon.
  • The suit system was developed based on the KNRM’s operational requirements and specific design specifications producing a state of the art survival system.

All suits will have a unique serial number and barcode for the purposes of tracking location, service and repair information.
The supplier shall log full history of repairs during the lifetime of each suit using an asset tracking and repair database.
Collection and return of each asset can be made available to customer.
Suits will be laundered, repaired and tested during every service cycle.
By mutual consent, suits will be assessed for repair or replacement based on economic or pre-agreed conditions.

The next generation Immersion Suit System offers a unique solution based on a modular concept. Many customer options and additional features are available and – if so desired – maintenance service as well.

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