TeamO News lifejacket harness

TeamO  une solution au problème du MOB traîné par le bateau par son harnais .

Every traditional lifejacket harness currently on the market attaches a sailor to the boat from a point on their chest wh ere the lifejacket and life line clip together. When a victim goes overboard clipped on to the boat they are dragged face-forward through the water. The momentum of the boat forces their head down and their mouth in to the water. The life expectancy of a sailor in these conditions is mere minutes. Countless lives have been lost at sea when crews have been unable to stop the boat quickly enough to recover a clipped-on man-overboard victim.

The patented TeamO back-pull design utilizes basic concepts to radically increase the life expectancy of a victim in a man-overboard situation when tethered to the boat.

TEAM O lifejaket in
TeamO’s back-pull technology

The TeamO 150N incorporates a hidden webbing ‘A’ frame within the lifejacket that deploys over the wearer’s shoulder when the lifejacket is inflated, rotating their body in the water. The TeamO lifejacket harness pulls the wearer along face-upwards, with the head and mouth supported and protected from the oncoming water, providing the crew with essential time needed to recover them safely.


TEAM O lifejaket bakTeamO’s back-pull technology has the added benefit of functioning as a lifting strop for recovering the wearer from the water. By attaching a line to the ‘A’-frame design the man-overboard can be quickly and easily winched to safety.


Oscar’s design developments have shaken up thinking in the lifejacket harness safety industry, with intense media interest in the TeamO design. In November 2012 Practical Boat Owner (PBO) Magazine featured TeamO in an exclusive 3 page product review article, in which the PBO team independently tested the TeamO 150N lifejacket harness and declared the design to be ‘revolutionary’ – “Sometimes a new product comes along that is so ingenious yet such a simple concept that you wonder: ‘why didn’t I think of that?” Less than three months after the article was published, Oscar was honored to be awarded with the Yachts & Yachting Magazine’s Innovation of the Year 2013 Award.

TeamO lifejacket harnesses are available for pre-order now, with delivery in September 2013 at the Southampton Boat Show or online.

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