Baltic Lifejackets Sweden has launched its first female specific lifejacket, the Athena.

Baltic inflatable lifejackets are made to make life onboard safer.

Imagine wearing a really tight dinner jacket.

Then imagine putting a twenty-centimeter-long metal pipe with a diameter of 2 centimeters in the jacket’s breast pocket.

How would that feel? Definitely not comfortable and it would probably also limit your movements.

So, we developed Athena; the first ever inflatable lifejacket designed for women.


For this reason, the 33G co2 auto inflation valve is positioned on a diagonal axis low down away from the bust, to prevent chaffing.

The lifejacket is 165N and adjustable to suit all sizes and shapes.

It comes with padding for extra comfort and a mesh lining.

It is available in one size (40 – 120kg) with a chest width of 70 – 140cm.

Colour options are white/pink, navy/white and black/grey.

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