Maritimes et Offshores

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Nous présentons ici les principales formations à la sécurité sauvetage survie maritimes STCW, et offshore pétroliéres OPITO.

Nous ne sommes pas centre de formation maritimes agréé STCW ou OPITO mais pouvons vous informer sur les différentes réglementations et formations en France . 

Formation de base à la sécurité maritime STCW (CFBS), conformément aux obligations réglementaires relatives au STCW 2010

Basic safety training STCW:   The STCW BasicSafety Training course is the legal minimum requirement for anyone looking for commercial work aboard vessels over 24 metres, including Superyachts and Cruise ships.

TIS : techniques individuelles de survie

Offshore Survival Training is essential for personnel who are new to the offshore oil and gas industry that require safety and emergency training

BOSIET: Basic Offshore Safety Induction Training.

HUET : Helicopter Underwater Egress Training.

OPITO HUET with EBS : OPITO HUET with EBS is to introduce delegates to the specific safety issues and regimes relevant to offshore installations, and to equip them with the basic emergency response knowledge and skills for travelling to and from offshore installations by helicopter.