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Fortis Flotation Armour

Fortis armoured buoyancy jackets have sufficient inherent buoyancy (up to 100 Newtons) to aid survival in calm, ocean and coastal waters and inland waterways. Jackets are fitted with closed-cell vinyl-nitrile buoyancy foam. Fortis armoured inflatable jackets have sufficient buoyancy (up to 275 Newtons) to aid survival of unconscious wearers in deep ocean waters. Jackets are

The Floatation MARS Armor MODEL 62 – COAST GUARD

The Floatation MARS Armor Model Coast Guard vest provides front, back and sides ballistic protection. The enhanced floatation capability ensures keeping seriously wounded body on water surface. Possibility to increase the protection through add-on hard armor inserts. Coast Guard and Navy application. Standard Features Plastic buckles closures allowing regulation and ensuring a reliable grip Full

Armor® Inflatable Body Armor Model 61 – Navy

The Floatation Inflatable MARS Armor® Model NAVY vest provides front, back, neck and side ballistic protection. The inflatable design ensures keeping the body on water surface. Possibility to increase the protection through add-on hard armor inserts. Standard Features Full torso coverage Easy-care, salt water-resistance outershell Removable and waterproof ballistic panels Removable Inflatable collar Pockets for

FATS bulletproof life vest self-inflates when it hits the water

Bulletproof vests are great if you happen to get shot, but what happens if you get shot on a boat and fall overboard or have to dive into choppy waters to escape a fire? Well, hopefully you’re wearing the Flotation Armor Torso System (FATS) from BCB International. Not only does this vest protect you from