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Aqua bobber le maillot de bain sécurité enfants !

L’ Aqua Bobber de par sa conception originale ( flotteurs au niveau des epaules) permet au jeune nageur de garder à chaque instant la tête hors de l’eau et rend  impossible tout effet debascule. SECURITE La taille et la position des flotteurs ont été soigneusement calculées pour assurer une flottaison optimale. Ligne de flottaison au menton, ce

Gilet de sauvetage hybride Regatta Workvest 403

Comfortable with excellent mobility. • Soft buoyancy with self extinguishing PVC with closed cells 50 N • An inflatable lung which automatically inflates in contact with water and gives extra buoyancy 150 N in situations when wearing tool belt etc. • Anti flame outer fabric. • High visibility due to orange fabric. • Aperture in

BIARDO PTS004, new helicopter transport suit.

This comfortable ETSO/EASA approved survival suit is one of our new developments for your safety! We have used the feedback of our passengers to optimize the PTS004 helicopter transport suit. A production- or drilling platform is a fire danger area, especially when helicopters have to be refueled. The PTS004 is fire retardant, because of the Gore-Tex Nomex

Orca the perfect SOLAS approved working survival suit. BIARDO

The Orca survival suit has a SOLAS-approval and is the perfect working survival suit. This new survival suit developed by Biardo survival suits BV is made of a 3 layer durable, breathable and fire retardant Gore-Tex Pazific. The parts on knees, arms and seat are reinforced. The thermo lining including zipper and belt are detachable. The neck and wrist seals

New SeaSafe lifejacket at Seawork

In response to customer requests and with ever-increasing demand from the offshore wind industry, SeaSafe’s own Pro-Zip 275N lifejacket will be at Seawork 2014. The lifejacket, which has passed rigorous testing to ISO12402 standard, is of the same design as the well-known Pro-Zip 150N. Having a removable cover means it can be changed if it becomes