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SUP Life Jacket , EIF pour la pratique du paddle board.

This inflatable SUP life jacket called the Fluid by MTI is the best low-profile personal floatation device solution to the United States Coast Guards regulation that requires stand up paddle boarders to have a PFD on board if theyre stand up paddling outside of a surf zone, swimming area, or wading area. Most stand up

Life Jackets: Breaking New Ground

What would a modern life jacket look like if you threw out the rulebook and started with a clean slate? The answer lies with the winners of the 2015 “Innovation in Life Jacket Design Competition” sponsored by the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water and the Personal Floatation Device Manufacturers Association (PFDMA). A

BAMBI -Child anthropometric marine manikins

BAMBI was a research project involving a multi- disciplinary team from five different countries and seven organisations, project managed by Sue Coleshaw and funded by the European Commission. The aim was to investigate the problems involved in using children, infants and babies as test subjects for the type- evaluation of lifejackets and other personal flotation

The next generation KNRM Immersion Suit System

The KNRM can offer the suits and ancillary items through the producer, who will be responsible for the delivery and quality of the products. The new immersion suit, with an integrated life vest, has been developed over a period of several years by the KNRM in close co-operation with the producer. The KNRM will start

Deckvest Cento Junior sailors lifejacket from Spinlock

Ultra lightweight and low profile – a junior inflatable lifejacket for children in the age range 8 to 15 years old weighing 20-50 Kgs. An innovation in junior safety, the CENTO is vibrant and exciting, for too many years, junior sailors have been forced to wear bulky, uncomfortable and unattractive lifejackets when out on the