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Quiksilver lance une veste gonflable de sécurité pour les surfeurs .

La « Highline Airlift vest » s’adresse aux surfeurs de vagues géantes . Depuis trois ans, la marque Quiksilver développe et teste un gilet de sécurité destiné aux surfeurs qui affrontent des vagues géantes partout dans le monde. Issue d’un travail de développement mené avec la marque d’équipements de plongée sous-marine Aqua Lung, la «

The Wingman, the first inflatable life jacket designed for swimmers, surfers, paddlers, and boaters

Hyde developed and manufactures the Wingman, the first inflatable life jacket designed for swimmers, surfers, paddlers, and boaters. It is the world’s thinnest and most versatile life jacket at less than 1 cm thick and is the only US Coast Guard certified life jacket sleek enough for swimmers to take in the water with them.

T2 PFD race jacket by SPINLOCK

The T2 PFD focuses on four core design elements allowing the team to perform at the highest athletic level on these foiling multihulls Flotation The T2 vests provide 50N of Buoyancy. Ultra soft compliant foam, is cut and shaped to ensure the minimum interference with the crews activities. Impact: Due to the high speeds and the

There’s an Inflatable Life Jacket Hidden Inside this Comfy Shirt

It doesn’t matter how amazing a swimmer you are, going out on a boat, or kayak, or paddle board, without wearing a life jacket is a stupid idea—accidents can always happen. But convincing people to wear a life jacket could be a lot easier when they’re as comfortable to wear as a favorite shirt. That’s

L’aide à la flottaison « iFloat » gonflable de 70 N de BALTIC.

The iFloat is Baltic’s latest development in personal safety equipment. Discreetly fitting around the waist the iFloat is a new product providing security for a variety of activities from those who are paddle boarding, fishing or just playing about on or near water. The iFloat is contained in a compact pocket fitted to an adjustable