Gilets de sauvetage pour les enfants

Gilets de sauvetage pour les enfants vous présente des gilets enfants et bébés . More »

Les EIF ,EPI de 3em catégorie contre les risques de noyade.

Les EIF ,EPI de 3em catégorie contre les risques de noyade. vous présente les EIF et gilets de sauvetage contre les risques de noyade utilisés dans le cadre du travail . More »

Formations à la prévention des risques de noyade.

Formations à la prévention des risques de noyade. vous présente des formations dédiées à la prévention des noyades et à l utilisation des EIF , EPI de 3em categorie . Ces formations sont destinées aussi bien aux professionnels que aux plaisanciers. More » vous présente les principaux fabricants vous présente les principaux fabricants

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CATCH and LIFT MOB Rescue System

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system offers significant advantages for « men overboard » and their crew.

CATCH and LIFT is easy to use in stressful situations and under difficult weather conditions even by an inexperienced crew member.

  • No muscle power is required for Man Overboard Rescue as it operates from the rudder.
  • No dangerous approach manoeuvres, no risky physical handling on the ship’s side
  • No time wasted on modifications on sailing ship or on re-hooking the MoB.

The case includes every necessity for the rescue of the person gone overboard.


  • Fast rescue: MOB can be back aboard in < 3 minutes
  • Easy to use even in difficult weather conditions and under stress
  • Muscular strength is not required by the person on the ship or person in the water
  • Rescue manoeuvres are operated from the rudder – guaranteeing self-protection for the person/ people on-board
  • MOB keeps a safe distance from the ship – no risk of running the person over or hurting him/her
  • Full control at all times: the rescue procedure can be started and stopped, accelerated and slowed down
  • Ready to use – no rearrangements on the ship or on the sails, no time wasted
  • Ship remains under control during rescue procedures and is fully manoeuvrable
  • Manoeuvring requires no specific qualifications
  • The lifesaving equipment is brought to the person involved in an accident, not vice versa
  • The rescue of unconscious people is possible
  • It can be operated by a single person
  • Especially suitable in poor visibility conditions, in the event of severe wind and heavy waves
  • Rescue training leads to more confident performance, increasing chances of success
  • Reusable


  • Maximum lifting capacity: 200 kg (the person / persons gone overboard)
  • Break load of the entire system: 600 daN
  • 27 mm gate clearance of the snap hook (on the pulley and rescue loop)
  • Total weight incl. case: 4.9 kg
  • Case dimensions: 364 x 295 x 169 mm
  • Service life of 12 years where the 2-year maintenance intervals are upheld

Requirements for the sailing yacht

  • Minimum break load of the « topping lift »: 600 daN
  • Minimum traction capacity of the sailing yacht: 200 kg
  • The hooking point of the pulley should be approx. 1.8 metres above deck
  • Maximum freeboard height: 3 metres
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